Rypos is the premier provider of fully active emissions control systems.  Active technology uses predictive analysis by monitoring the condition of your system through intelligent controls and sensors and initiates the process precisely when your system needs it.

Active DPF: Rypos’ proprietary Active DPF technology utilizes smart monitoring systems which predict when your system will need cleaning and initiates an electrical regeneration cycle before your system is stressed by high back pressure.

How do we do this?  By closely monitoring the back pressure (readings are analyzed every second) we calculate the rate of increase in back pressure.  This allows the system to predict when an Active cleaning will be necessary well before the back pressure reaches levels considered unhealthy by your engine manufacturer.  Watch a short video on how Active cleaning works here.

Active SCR: All SCR technology operates best when the system temperature is within an acceptable range.  In a cold start condition it could take 30 minutes or more for the system to reach operating temperatures.  By utilizing the electrical heating characteristic of Rypos’ proprietary Active DPF, SCR systems can be actively pre-conditioned with heat to provide a faster, more effective and compliant SCR process.  Ordinary systems must wait for the engine’s exhaust to heat up the SCR catalyst before urea is injected, potentially putting your emission permit in jeopardy.

Featured Case Study
Rypos Active Filter Technology Solves Clean Air Compliance Problems for Boston College