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Rypos’ patented technology solves regulatory requirements for diesel particulate filtration, providing modular systems for applications with mobile or stationary diesel engines.   


The Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF) from Rypos is an intelligent exhaust filter, controlling backpressure on the engine by cleaning itself through an electrical regeneration process.  The closed-loop system regenerates under any engine load condition, independent of exhaust temperature.  Rypos’ Active DPFs do not require that the engine or filter be taken off-line for this self-cleaning, which ensures maximum flexibility in how operators choose to run their systems.  Operating independently of exhaust temperatures means owners don’t have to falsely load the engines or inject added fuel to the exhaust system to force regeneration, minimizing operational costs by not wasting fuel.

Diesel Particulate Matter

Diesel Particulate Matter is made up of the harmful particles found in the exhaust of diesel-fueled compression ignition (CI) engines. The California Air Resources Board, The California Code of Regulations for Standardization set and test DPF emissions. The solid material in diesel exhaust is Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) - known to cause serious health issues, including cardiovascular and respiratory illness up-to and including premature death. 


Air Quality Regulations

Air Quality Regulation Compliance

Air quality regulations have raised the bar on reducing pollution and managing emissions from diesel engines. Diesel trucks, backup generators, and transportation refrigeration units are required to comply with strict air quality standards. These regulations establish emission limits for engine sizes and locations which are then enforced by the relevant regulatory agency.


Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are exhaust after-treatment devices that reduce emissions from diesel engines. Diesel Particulate Filters, also known as DPFs, trap harmful pollutants in the exhaust, preventing them from reaching the atmosphere where they can cause significant environmental damage and impact to human health


Diesel Particulate Filter



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