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Rypos prides itself on timely and cost effective service for all of its products. Beginning with your purchase of a Rypos filter, our service team is available to:

Train your technical staff on installation operation and maintenance of your Rypos product.

Inspect and commission your installation.

Monitor performance during initial and interim test runs.

Work with your team to optimize filter performance for your operation.

Troubleshoot any issues by phone or in person.

Support regulatory autority permit compliance and registartaion.

Efficiently process warranty claims.

For our existing customers who are enjoying the long operational life of the Rypos filter, we are also available to:

Perform periodic health checks.

Implement periodic maintenance plans.

Install hardware and software upgrades.

Collect operating data and trend performance over time.

Refurbish units when required, bringing them up to the latest production standard.

Repurpose filters that are removed and decommissioned.

For more information, please contact our experienced team.

Rypos Inc. DPF

(508) 429-4552

40 Kenwood Circle, Franklin, MA 02038

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