Rypos Training: Lunch & Learn Program

Rypos Training: Lunch & Learn Program

Give your engineers, facility personnel, and operators a look into the latest diesel particulate filter technologies for a variety of industries through in-person or virtual presentations over lunch. Rypos engineers and industry experts provide an in-depth look at diesel particulate filters (DPF) to enhance your knowledge of emissions control fundamentals and tools. We’re also prepared to answer questions and cover any specific topics you may have. Featured seminar topics include:


Understanding exhaust pollutants

Covers the impact of PM, CO, HC, NO2, THC, and NOx.


Active vs passive

Compares active versus passive filter technology and weighs the benefits.


How ESG and sustainability efforts affect fleet owners and operators

Covers the environmental impact that reefer trailers are having including a sample Fleet Emissions Profile designed to show owners and operators the emissions impact of their current fleet.


Reducing Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions with Rypos

Explains how Rypos can help meet your sustainability goals immediately.


DPF installation recommendations

Provides mechanical and electrical guidelines for DPF installations on diesel gensets, engines and transport refrigeration units while also covering topics such as issues of location, noise, control wiring, etc.


New emission requirements

Details specifics of new emissions reduction requirements including recent amendments to the TRU Airborne Toxic Control Measure.


DPFs for mission critical standby systems

Covers requirements needed for installation, operation, control and maintenance of filters for mission critical standby power.


The Rypos advantage

Covers the vision, goals and history of Rypos.


Controlling emissions for marine applications

A look into the importance of reducing PM and black carbon for commercial harbor crafts.


California emissions regulations

An in-depth look into California Air Resources Board (CARB), and up-to-date emissions standards regulated by the state.


Professional Development Hours or Continuing Education Credits* are available for attendees. To request a technical presentation at your location or virtually, please contact (508) 429-4552 or info@rypos.com.

*All presentation attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion that may qualify as Professional Development Hours or Continuing Education Credits. Consult your state association for more information.