Rypos Expands Mfg. Partnerships

Rypos Expands Mfg. Partnerships


Franklin, Mass., November 3, 2022 – Rypos Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of Active Diesel Particulate Filters (ADPFs), has expanded its partnerships with Dürr Universal and Mack Molding. Due to changing regulations and the desire of businesses to decrease their carbon footprint, Rypos is experiencing increased demand for its emissions-reduction products.

“In this uncertain period of supply chain issues, our relationships with Dürr Universal and Mack Molding enable us to meet customer demand,” said Rypos Chief Executive Officer Paul Anderson. “As our customer base continues to grow, especially relative to data centers, these partnerships ensure that Rypos can deliver precision-engineered products quickly and efficiently. Though data center customers are becoming an increasingly significant part of our business, we continue to support applications ranging from transport refrigeration and power generation to healthcare and educational facilities.”

According to Anderson, Rypos has maintained a supportive relationship with Dürr and Mack for more than 10 years. Each company produces specific components, which are assembled by Rypos, along with its own engineered components.

“As sustainability requirements continue to evolve throughout the world, Dürr Universal is constantly looking at options to help reduce emissions through various technologies,” said Dürr Universal Director of Sales and Business Development James Mitchell. “Partnering with Rypos is one such opportunity.”

“Rypos is the perfect customer for us,” said Mack Vice President of Sales & Engineering Joan Magrath. “We are more than just a manufacturing partner. They view us as part of their organization. In a collaborative relationship such as ours, the end result is always success.”


About Rypos

Founded in 1997 in Franklin, Mass., Rypos is a leading provider of Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF) products for OEM and aftermarket customers. Its patented electrically self-regenerating filters and proprietary catalytic technologies have enabled the company to deliver innovative emissions-reduction solutions for data center, power generation, transport refrigeration, port equipment, rail and marine markets, as well as healthcare, educational, utility and governmental facilities.

Utilizing a closed-loop, electrically controlled filtration system, Rypos’ intelligent particulate filters provide superior reliability through constant predictive regeneration. It is not necessary for the engine or filter to be taken offline, to overdrive the system, or to infuse added fuel to reach regeneration temperatures. This modular system delivers maximum uptime, safety, and the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the diesel equipment.


About Dürr Universal

Dürr Universal is a global provider of custom-engineered ancillary equipment and solutions to the power generation, oil and gas, industrial processing, rail transportation and backup power markets. For more than 50 years, OEMs, EPCs, packagers and end-users have relied on the company to engineer acoustic and emission/filtration systems to specification. Dürr Universal is part of the Dürr Group’s Clean Technology Systems division, which focuses on exhaust-air purification technology.

The Dürr Group is a global leader in mechanical and plant engineering with expertise in automation and digitalization. Focusing on efficiency and sustainability in production, the company serves sectors like the automotive, woodworking, mechanical engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and electrical engineering industries and operates 120 locations in 33 countries to date.


About Mack Molding

Mack Molding Company, a division of Mack Group, is a leading custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services. Founded in 1920, it specializes in plastics design, prototyping, molding, sheet metal fabrication, full-service machining and medical device manufacturing.

Mack Group, headquartered in Arlington, Vt., has 3,250 employees across 12 locations throughout Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Mexico. The company currently operates a total of 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space.



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