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Featured Case Study

Boston College Solves Clean Air Compliance Problems with Rypos Active Filter Technology

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) notified Boston College Director of Health & Safety, Gail Hall, that three of the college’s emergency diesel generators were not in compliance with state clean air standards. The generators, which produce electric power for emergency lighting and elevators in the event of a utility power outage, were emitting unacceptable levels of airborne particulates.

Upon investigation, the college found that the issue was considerably larger than the three generators cited. Solving it would entail assistance from an environmental consulting firm, a continued health and safety commitment by the college, and Rypos Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF) technology.

BostonCollegeBoston College (BC) commissioned GeoInsight of Littleton, Mass. to conduct a comprehensive survey of all emergency generators to identify those not meeting MADEP air quality emission regulations and to bring them into compliance.

“Whenever we are faced with a problem like this, we look for a solution based on the best achievable control technology. In this case, the Rypos ADPF was that technology. ” – Suzanne Pisano, GeoInsight Director of Compliance

The Rypos ADPF systems reduce harmful emissions by trapping and eliminating particulates and converting carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. BC installed Rypos ADPFs to eliminate harmful particulate emissions from generators in close proximity to campus buildings and on a basement generator.

“This project caught us a little off guard. Being cited by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection was unsettling but we hired good people who gave us good advice, and completed the project ahead of schedule.” – Gail Hall, Boston College Director of Health & Safety

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