Active Diesel Particulate Filters

Rypos Active DPF emissions filtration systems that achieve California Air Resources Board (CARB) Level 3+ emissions reductions for particulate matter, carbon monoxide, NO2 and hydrocarbons are installed on 200kw to 3,000kw diesel engines in critical applications worldwide.

Rypos’ compact Active technology is the most intelligent, scalable and flexible diesel particulate filter on the market.  The Rypos system utilizes smart monitoring that predict when the filter will need cleaning and initiates an electrical regeneration cycle before the engine is stressed by high back pressure.

Watch a short video on how Rypos’ Active regeneration system works by clicking here.

The Rypos Advantage:

  • Active filter regeneration independent of exhaust temperatures
  • Low maintenance, durable, lowest cost of ownership
  • Low back pressure maximizes engine performance
  • Total particulate matter reduction to 95% plus
  • Reduces hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NO2
  • Energy efficient, less than 1% fuel penalty

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