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Marine Power Generation and Propulsion

In addition to the Company’s core diesel particulate filter products, Rypos has established a rapid development capability to take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the core technology. Future development plans include new products for the marine power generation and propulsion markets, expansion of their current underground mining products to include a broader range of vehicles and continued support of custom applications for new and existing applications.  


 US Navy Barge Retrofit:  Rypos equipment was installed on a Marine barge tender for extended field trial to determine the compatibility of the technology with the harsh marine environment. The filter performed flawlessly for more than 5 years and when evaluated after being removed were found to significantly exceed the emission reduction targets of the project.  



Dependability for Harsh Marine Environment


Detroit Salt mine projects:  Rypos equipment was fitted to a variety of equipment for use in an underground salt mine. This highly corrosive environment presents a number of challenges for the mining equipment.  After 10 years, the Rypos filter system is still the preferred solution for this subterranean application. 

Custom Filters 

Custom Rental Design for London Olympic games:  Large event electrical power is a unique market segment that is highly demanding on equipment.  Multiple electrical standards and operating voltages require generators, switchgear, and accessories to be highly flexible and rugged.  Rypos designed and built a custom transportable filter to meet these variable standards that the power rental market demands.


Contact Rypos sales team with your custom application and we will determine an appropriate product strategy to meet you needs.




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