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Rypos' Lunch and Learns are an opportunity to meet our team of experienced engineers and learn how world-class health, higher education, data center, and enterprise clients leverage diesel particulate filter solutions to reduce the impact has on their facilities and surrounding community.


Topics Include: 

  • Filtration Basics: Understanding the various methods for catching combustion soot, burning it off through both active and passive regeneration methods, and the impact on backpressure and performance.

  • Available Technologies: Discussion on the common approaches to addressing diesel particulate matter, passive/dormant vs. active, the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.

  • Cost of Ownership: Total lifetime cost of installing and maintaining and the owner's responsibilities with each selection. Conversation on the balance-act between regeneration requirements and maintenance testing/monitoring.

  • Verifications: Understanding Air Resource Board and local Air Quality Management Districts compliance. Discussion on the differences between Level 2+, Level 3+, MSHA, etc.

  • Installation Considerations: Specifications and considerations when deploying in various environments gathered from hundreds of installations across mulitple facilities, industries, and states. 


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Meet Your Host: Bill Collins

Bill Collins, a leader in the diesel filtration industry for over 25 years, has helped many of the nation's best medical, educational, and data centers address their operational environmental impact.