Meeting emissions requirements.

The intermodal market consists of domestic and international transport of temperature controlled container shipments.  These containers travel by sea, rail, and road and typically aggregate at ports and rail terminals across the US.  The equipment required to transport, load and power these containers are largely diesel powered and subject to state and federal air quality regulations. With trailers loaded with the product going from multiple modes of transportation often including ship, rail, and truck, secure and protected cargo is a must, especially if you’re a company hauling refrigerated products. That ‘must’ is further compounded by growing environmental regulations, particularly those in California. Rypos has been active in the intermodal market since its inception providing highly reliable exhaust filtration products for container handling equipment and portable electric power generators.  


Intermodal DPF

Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG)

Rypos is the exclusive provider of diesel particulate filters for rubber-tired gantries with over 100 systems installed on cranes in the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland.  These highly reliable filters allow the port operators to extend the life of their cranes while meeting ever-increasing air quality standards.  


More recently, Rypos has verified and produced a filter system for the Thermo King SGC3000 Clip-On generator used to provide power to the refrigerated container while they travel on the road or rail.  This unique product has been selected and implemented by Maersk,  the leading global container shipping company.  

Carrier Clip-On.png


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Retrofits to existing platforms making them CARB compliant to the end of their service lives.

Operate completely autonomously making them suitable for long range transport.

Self-cleaning, independent of exhaust temperatures.

The filter may be moved from unit to unit within fleet, allowing flexibility for retiring or selling older units.

Conveniently mounts to the host equipment with no interference or restriction.

HIghly energy efficient with little to no impact on fuel consumption or equipment maintenance.

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