Marine propulsion and power generation

From massive cargo ships to smaller harbor craft such as ferries, yachts, barges, and tugboats, marine vessels contribute to air pollution in many cities and harbor areas, impacting air quality around the world. The Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) emitted from the engines on these ships and from power generation negatively affects the health of local populations and contributes to global warming. 21% of black carbon emissions come from marine vessels, drifting hundreds of kilometers from the original source.

Regulatory agencies, including the California Air Resources Board (CARB), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and International Maritime Organization (IMO), have programs in place to reduce emissions from diesel vessels.

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Reducing the impact of diesel engines on seaside communities

At Rypos, we design and manufacture Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that immediately remove up to 95% of DPM from emissions from marine diesel gensets and propulsion engines immediately on installation. Our proven, reliable, and durable emission solutions offer higher uptime and lower maintenance costs for operators and a safe, cleaner environment for passengers.

Marine industry

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Workboats like dredging vessels and barges work long hours, emitting large amounts of pollution. Rypos marine DPFs eliminate up to 95% of harmful DPM from emissions immediately on installation.


Ferry passengers can breathe easier with Rypos DPFs. Tested and proven, these units keep maintenance costs low while providing safer, cleaner, and quieter results.

Tugs and towboats

People count on tugboats to haul heavy loads. From high-speed to low-speed engines, Rypos powerful and reliable marine DPFs help optimize tug and towboat performance and maximize efficiency.

Commercial fishing and excursion vessels

Reliable Rypos DPFs remove up to 95% of DPM, allowing commercial fishing and excursion vessles to protect the environment without adding stress on marine diesel engines and gensets.


Featured project: US Navy barge retrofit

When the US Navy wanted to explore sustainable options for their fleet, our team proposed an extended field trial to determine the compatibility of Rypos technology with the harsh marine environment. We installed one of our active DPFs on a Marine barge tender, where it performed flawlessly for more than 5 years. When we removed it for evaluation, we were pleased to find that our Rypos DPF significantly exceeded the project’s emission reduction targets.

Marine industry


Flyer: Solutions for marine vessels

Marine vessels contribute 21% of the world’s black carbon emissions. The engineers at Rypos offer solutions to combat this environmental challenge.

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Flyer: Solutions for recreational vessels

Like many recreational vessels, yachts can have significant environmental effects, from fuel consumption to carbon emissions to pollutant releases into the water.

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Proposed CHC regulation amendments

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is proposing new amendments to their regulations governing Commercial Harbor Craft (CHC). Find and review them here.

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Rypos products

Find out how Rypos ADPFs can help your marine vessels achieve compliance while protecting air quality in seaside communities.


Capable of removing up to 95% of DPM from emissions but needing only a small footprint and minimal maintenance, the self-cleaning RH-DPF is perfect for marine vessels with 50 to 900 kW diesel engines.

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Custom DPF solutions

The flexible design configurations of our DPFs make them ideal for a wide variety of engines. At Rypos, we design and develop custom DPFs for specialty applications where traditional DPFs don’t fit.

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