Transport Refrigeration

Diesel Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) are designed to protect temperature-sensitive products in trucks, trailers and seagoing containers throughout the perishable supply chain. Diesel TRUs can emit up to 29 times more harmful Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and 6 times more nitrous oxides (NOx) than far larger, modern diesel truck engines, contributing 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions that come from transportation vehicles in the United States.

At Rypos, we offer a straight-forward, cost-effective solution. Our Ultra Low Emission Diesel Particulate Filters (ULETRU DPFs) remove up to 95% of DPM from diesel TRU emissions immediately on installation with models compatible with either Thermo King® or Carrier® refrigeration units. Our DPFs allow TRUs to meet CARB Level 3+ and EPA emissions compliance requirements.


Reducing the impact of transport refrigeration

Over half of the diesel transport refrigeration units on the road today (~250,000 units) nationwide emit approximately 0.1 g/bhp-hr of particulate matter emissions. Adding a Rypos ULETRU DPF to these units would reduce the impact on our environment today by over 2 million metric tons of CO2e every year.

ULETRU DPFs produce 10-12 cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits per year and over 150 metric tons of CO2e credits for the life of a diesel TRU.


Markets we serve

Food and beverage

Retailers and food manufacturers can significantly reduce emissions as they transport refrigerated foods and beverages to restaurants, grocery markets and convenience stores.


At Rypos, we’ve been helping intermodal TRUs reduce emissions as they travel by sea, rail, and road since the market’s inception, innovating products that meet the market’s unique needs.

Pharmaceuticals & other healthcare products

With Rypos, pharmaceutical manufacturers and logistics providers can protect the health and safety of surrounding communities while they transport perishable supplies to help patients.

Other TRU applications

From military deployments to museum and gallery movements to high value cargo like blood plasma, Rypos DPFs help protect the planet from the worst effects of climate change and people from the negative outcomes of poor air quality. The Rypos active, electrically regenerated DPF is proven reliable and requires no driver intervention, so your temperature sensitive cargo arrives in peak condition every time.


Rypos products

Learn how Rypos ADPFs can help your Thermo King or Carrier TRUs achieve CARB level 3+ and EPA compliance without driver intervention.


With over 12,000 units currently installed today, Rypos ULETRU DPFs are the diesel TRU emission control leader. Our DPFs don’t require any driver intervention, are compatible with Thermo King® or Carrier® TRUs, and are in stock and ready to ship.

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OEM and custom needs

At Rypos, our engineers are always ready to design and develop a custom active DPF for specialty applications. Whether you’re an OEM or work with non-standard diesel engines, we can build DPFs to fit your specific needs.

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