Power generation

Mission-critical applications, such as data centers and hospitals, rely on diesel gensets to supply essential power in the event of electrical failure. While these diesel gensets keep crucial equipment running, they also emit Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) that negatively affects the health of workers & area residents and contributes to global warming.

At Rypos, our active Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) remove up to 95% of harmful DPM emissions immediately on installation for diesel engines and gensets 50 kW and above. This helps these indispensable industries meet CARB Level 3+ or EPA Tier IV Final Standards and get the power they need while reducing the pollution the diesel gensets produce.

Power generation

Reducing the impact of power gen systems

At Rypos, we focus on the environmental impact of power generation standby systems. The more than 1,300 active DPFs that we have installed have produced over 168,000 cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits, or over 22,000 cumulative metric tons CO2e credits annually on average.

Power generation

Markets we serve

Data centers

Data center customers can count on our dedicated support team and industry-leading reliability, efficiency, and design flexibility to help protect their essential information.


Our experts collaborate with our healthcare customers and their respective consulting engineers to design the best solution for each application and protect the health and safety of patients, workers, and area residents.

Educational institutes

As shown in our Boston College case study, our active DPFs reduce black carbon emissions, smoke, and odor to protect the health and environment of both university students and faculty.

Military & government

We offer custom DPFs to provide emissions control for a wide range of applications and solutions, including water treatment plants, detention centers, offices, and other facilities.

Commercial businesses

Our DPFs protect the air quality wherever standby commercial generators are run around commercial businesses, such as resorts, shopping malls, and office buildings.

Food and beverage

With Rypos DPFs, food and beverage production facilities, restaurants, and grocery stores can significantly reduce the amount of DPM released into the air when running emergency power.


When power is interrupted, Rypos DPFs can help manufacturers keep production going while reducing the amount of harmful DPM released into the local environment.


Rypos’ reliable DPFs can help utilities meet their ESG goals for diesel standby gensets while supplying power that meets the needs of homes, businesses, hospitals, schools, and factories.

Power generation

Rypos products

Learn why Rypos DPFs are the most effective and reliable choice for mission-critical power generation applications.


Capable of removing up to 95% of DPM from emissions but needing only a small footprint and minimal maintenance, the self-cleaning RH-DPF provides critical or hospital-grade sound attenuation for diesel gensets with 50 to 900 kW diesel engines.

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Available in Tier IV configurations with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) available, our ADPF reduces DPM up to 95% immediately on installation in 1 MW and above diesel gensets, providing critical- or hospital-grade sound attenuation.

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From current events to in-depth analysis, Rypos keeps you in the know on emissions reduction pertaining to the power generation industry.

Mission Critical Emergency Power best served using Active DPF technology

Mission Critical Emergency Power best served using Active DPF technology

The main reason mission critical emergency back up power consumers select active diesel particulate filter technology is reliability.

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99% of the World’s Population Breathes Unhealthy Air

99% of the World’s Population Breathes Unhealthy Air

Almost the entire global population (99%) breathes air that exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) air quality limits, and threatens their health.

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