Custom & OEM DPF solutions

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are used to breaking new ground, and with Rypos they can also protect the health and safety of those near their equipment, by reducing black carbon and improving air quality. At Rypos, we’ve been perfecting manufacturing superior-quality Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technologies and systems for decades, designing solutions that meet the unique needs of OEMs with proven market reliability and efficiency.

Our innovative engineering team can custom design DPFs for a wide variety of applications. Our active technology allows for design flexibility and is the most cost-effective way to add the benefit of emission control technologies to new or existing product designs.

Custom & OEM

Reducing emissions impact

Rypos DPFs reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) up to 95% immediately on installation. This measurable and impactful diesel engine emission control system helps OEMs and end use customers meet even the most progressive ESG and sustainability goals.

Custom markets

We can retrofit our DPFs to adapt to most diesel engine configurations, allowing them to meet the needs of specialty industries, such as agriculture, construction, quarry, mining, rail, entertainment, and power rental.

Customized DPFs

  • Fit 50kW – 4MW diesel engines
  • Regenerate actively and electrically
  • Provide critical or hospital-grade sound attenuation
  • Self-clean with minimal maintenance required
  • Reduce total DPM up to 95%
  • Reduce hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NO2
  • Maximize energy efficiency with <1% fuel penalty
  • Provide research and development for specialty applications
  • Take advantage of flexible design configurations


Featured projects

Custom rental project

Large event electrical power is a unique market segment that places high demand on equipment. When the London Olympic games called on our Rypos team to create a custom rental design that could provide them with support for the electrical power they needed, we got right to work. The custom DPF solution needed to be flexible, rugged and quiet to accommodate generators, switchgear, and accessories operating on multiple electrical standards and operating voltages. We designed and built a custom transportable DPF within the needed timeframe that met the necessary variable standards that an event of this magnitude demanded.

Mining custom project

Ten years ago, the Kissner Group and the Detroit Salt Company LLC wanted to improve the air quality in their working environment by reducing diesel emissions inside of an underground salt mine. Our Rypos team needed to adapt our equipment to fit a variety of mining devices and make it able to withstand the highly corrosive subterranean environment. A decade later, our Rypos filter system is still the preferred diesel engine emission control system for the Detroit salt mine.

Custom & OEM

Rypos products

Superior-quality DPFs for custom & OEM applications:

Custom DPF

At Rypos, our engineers are always ready to design and develop a custom active DPF for specialty applications. Whether you’re an OEM or work with non-standard diesel engines, we can build DPFs to fit your specific needs.

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Our team can engineer diesel engine emission control systems to any project’s specifications. Reach out today to learn how we can custom build a particulate filter system to meet the most stringent compliance regulations.