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Diesel Particulate filters (DPF) are devices constructed to trap harmful particulates from diesel engine exhaust, preventing them from being released into the atmosphere. Diesel Particulate Filters remove soot from the exhaust stream. There are several different types of filters. However, they all need to go through the process of regeneration to eliminate the trapped particles and keep themselves clean. Diesel engines power vehicles and heavy equipment in a large number of industries including mining, transportation, construction, maritime, and manufacturing operations.  Diesel engine exhaust contains a mixture of gases and diesel particulate matter that can be hazardous to health and the environment.


Rypos California Air Resource Board verified active diesel particulate filters control particulate emissions from diesel engines for stationary, on-road and off-road applications regardless of the diesel exhaust temperature. 


Active regeneration is a process whereby filter cleaning is controlled independently of exhaust temperatures, engine loads, the number of cold starts, and the engine run time. While active regeneration is much more reliable than passive regeneration, not all active systems control regeneration in the same way. These differences are critical to the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of your standby or prime power generators. Other less efficient active systems use electric heaters or complicated fuel dispensing and burning systems deployed in front of the DPF in an attempt to raise the temperature of the exhaust flow for an extended period (up to 30 minutes) to achieve “passive regeneration” in the filter media. Large amounts of energy in the form of electrical power or fuel (up to 25%) are required to achieve regeneration. Integrating the filter system with the engine fuel system adds complexity and potential safety risk. By contrast, Rypos active regeneration technology Systems oxidize accumulated soot at 700 C in under 3 minutes while typically using less than 1% of the generator output.


Passive, or uncontrolled regeneration is a term applied to filters that have limited ability to self-clean, or self-regenerate. Under narrow conditions of elevated exhaust temperature accompanied by specific NOx /PM ratios, regeneration can occur passively. Given the variation in load, ambient temperatures, distance from the engine, number of cold starts, and engine run time, it is impossible to guarantee filter reliability or emergency power availability with a passive system.


Hybrid Diesel Particulate Filter systems are the combination of passive and active regeneration, where a catalyst-based filter is also equipped with some kind of an active regeneration system. The catalyst allows regeneration at a lower temperature and reduces the regeneration time, compared to non-catalytic active systems. Hybrid DPF systems may be able to sustain passive operation during periods of increased exhaust temperature, depending on the type and loading of the catalyst. 


The Leader in Active Emission Control Products

Rypos’ patented technology solves regulatory requirements for diesel particulate filtration, providing modular systems for application with mobile or stationary diesel engines.   


The Active Diesel Particulate Filter (ADPF) from Rypos is an intelligent exhaust filter, controlling backpressure on the engine by cleaning itself through an electrical regeneration process.  The closed-loop system regenerates under any engine load condition, independent of exhaust temperature.  Rypos’ Active DPFs do not require that the engine or filter be taken off-line for this self-cleaning, which ensures maximum flexibility in how operators choose to run their systems.  Operating independently of exhaust temperatures means owners don’t have to falsely load the engines or inject added fuel to the exhaust system to force regeneration, minimizing operational costs by not wasting fuel.


The modular construction of the Rypos Active DPF delivers regulatory compliance and adapts to various installation configurations making Rypos the most scalable and reliable diesel particulate filter available on the market.  Maximizing uptime performance and seamless operation for owners without wasting fuel makes the Rypos Active DPF the most reliable solution for the lowest total cost of ownership available today.

The Rypos Active Regeneration Technology utilizes a porous sintered metal filter media that is both particulate filter and electrical heater, to regenerate the filter cartridges.  A microprocessor measures back pressure and apply an electrical current to heat the media and burn off accumulated soot. Automatic regeneration keeps the filter cartridges functioning at low back pressure and peak efficiency.