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Anywhere diesel engines operate, they emit black carbon, CO2, smoke, and odor that negatively impact the environment and the health of workers and the local population. Mitigating Particulate Matter (PM) emissions can be especially challenging in applications such as marine power generation & propulsion, gantry cranes, ports, and mining, where space tends to be very restricted.

Rypos’ RH series diesel particulate filters (RH-DPFs) are a sustainable, cost-effective solution that immediately reduces emissions by up to 95% to meet regulatory requirements, protect the environment, and safeguard the health of local communities.

Compact and reliable

A big impact in a smaller footprint

Rypos’ RH-DPF series is a perfect fit for “close-quarters” applications, such as standby gensets, marine power gensets & propulsion, gantry cranes, ports, and mining. The RH-DPF emissions control systems pack Rypos’ patented technology into a smaller space.

Key RH-DPF stats

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metric tons of PM removed

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cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits produced

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metric tons of PM removed annually

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cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits produced annually

RH series diesel particulate filters (RH-DPFs) for marine, gensets, mining, and ports

Designed with system engineering flexibility, the RH-DPF series leverages all of Rypos’ technology advantages in a smaller footprint, making it straightforward to incorporate into a retrofit design or a new project. This active DPF offers emissions-control efficiency and proven reliability across a variety of markets, including marine power generation & propulsion, mining, and gantry crane & ports.

Key features

  • Reduces PM up to 95%, hydrocarbons up to 77%+, CO up to 94%, NO2 up to 96%
  • 50–900 kW diesel engines or gensets
  • Active, electrically regenerated DPF
  • Provides critical- or hospital-grade sound attenuation
  • Industry-leading technology



“Rypos’ product has always been ahead of everyone else. After using it for years, it’s still very stable and actually saved us money in the long run.”

Jeffery Mellow

Emergency Power Generation Specialist, Stanford University

“They provide good support. They helped us commission and get it up and running. The sales and technical ends are good, and so is post sales.”

Chris Alexopoulos

Project Manager, Milton Cat Power Systems

“It’s the relationship — the speediness of response time for me — that’s why I like Rypos. Very responsive and quick with info for anything that I request.”

Mike Orozco

Electrical Engineer/Director, tk1sc

Benefits and


Active regeneration

Self-cleaning, independent of exhaust temperature

Maximum efficiency

Operates online without need for engine shutdown, with ≤ 1% fuel penalty

Diesel oxidation catalyst

Integrated converter that helps reduce Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions

CARB 3+ verified & Tier IV Final EPA compliant

The only DPF manufacturer capable of shipping a complete CARB 3+ compliant solution directly from the factory

Adaptable to most applications

Cylindrical, compact design and flexibility with installation to meet unique or remote requirements

Intelligent controls

Controlled regeneration and system monitoring with Rypos advanced technology

Low total cost of ownership

Saves on fuel costs and purchasing or renting additional heating sources over the life of the filter

Engineering support

Detailed specifications and documentation to help ensure all requirements are met

Unrivaled service

Installation support, final commissioning, and service packages help ensure optimal performance and extended regulatory compliance



Power generation


Gantry crane & ports

Data centers



Military & government

Industrial process


Commercial buildings

Food & beverage


OEM & custom




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