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Diesel creates harmful emissions as it combusts, releasing toxins such as Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) and CO2 that can cause respiratory illness in people in nearby communities and negatively impact the environment. But genset OEMs and other companies that run non-standard diesel engines often have a difficult time finding Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) that work for their applications. At Rypos, we make custom DPFs that can provide the sustainable solution they’ve been looking for, allowing all industries to meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals — even those with needs that are outside of the box.

Looking ahead

Innovation for a sustainable future

At Rypos, we’re proud of our tradition of engineering new technology to solve our customers’ problems. We view designing custom fleet filters and other challenges as opportunities to push the cutting edge of innovation, improving air quality in areas that are not served by traditional solutions.

Custom DPFs

As the leading provider of active diesel particulate filter products for OEM and aftermarket customers, we develop custom-engineered diesel emission control systems for a variety of industries. We ensure reliability and durability for any diesel application through innovative design, engineering, system modeling, and testing. Our intelligent particulate filter systems are unique in their ability to regenerate under any engine load condition or exhaust temperature.

Key features

  • Total particulate matter reduced up to 95%
  • Reduced hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and NO2
  • Built for 50 kW and above diesel engines & gensets
  • Proven technology
  • Critical- or hospital-grade sound attenuation



“The best thing about Rypos is that it works. It eliminates the need to constantly be worried about how much load we put on the generator... it does it on its own. Competitors’ products don’t do that.”

Jeffery Mellow

Emergency Power Generation Specialist, Stanford University

“They always step up and never leave us hanging. They never walk away from a problem. We partner with premium suppliers, and they always make good when there are issues.”

Don Davis

Sales Manager, Quinn Power

“There are other companies that we’ve looked at, but Rypos offers more benefits — one unit that’s regenerative and burns off soot... Rypos does more and is more advanced.”

Chris Alexopoulos

Project Manager, Milton Cat Power Systems

Benefits and


Active regeneration

Self-cleaning, independent of exhaust temperature

Maximum efficiency

Operates online without need for engine shutdown, with ≤ 1% fuel penalty

Scalable & flexible configurations

Various design and placement options to meet increasing power requirements and unique settings

Intelligent controls

Controlled regeneration and system monitoring with Rypos advanced technology

Low total cost of ownership

Saves on fuel costs and purchasing or renting additional heating sources over the life of the filter

Engineering support

Detailed specifications and documentation to help ensure all requirements are met

Unrivaled service

Installation support, final commissioning, and service packages help ensure optimal performance and extended regulatory compliance



Power generation


Transport refrigeration




Food & beverage


Power rental

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Featured projects

Custom rental project

Large event electrical power is a unique market segment that places high demand on equipment. When the London Olympic games called on our Rypos team to create a custom rental design that could provide them with support for the electrical power they needed, we got right to work. The custom DPF solution needed to be both flexible and rugged to accommodate generators, switchgear, and accessories operating on multiple electrical standards and operating voltages. We designed and built a custom transportable filter within the needed timeframe that met the necessary variable standards that an event of this magnitude demanded.

Mining custom project

Ten years ago, the Kissner Group and the Detroit Salt Company LLC wanted to improve the air quality in their working environment by reducing diesel emissions inside of an underground salt mine. Our Rypos team needed to adapt our equipment to fit a variety of mining devices and make it able to withstand the highly corrosive subterranean environment. A decade later, our Rypos filter system is still the preferred solution for the Detroit salt mine.

Intermodal custom project

Clip-on generators provide power to refrigerated containers while they travel on the road or rail. They do their job well, but have unique configurations that make it impossible to attach traditional DPFs that would reduce diesel particulate matter emissions. To address this problem, our team verified and produced a custom DPF solution for the popular Thermo King SGC3000 clip-on generator. Maersk, the leading global container shipping company, has selected and implemented this unique product to reduce black carbon soot and CO2 emissions up to 95%.

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Find out how Rypos custom DPF solutions can reduce harmful diesel emissions up to 95% —even with equipment that other DPFs don’t fit.