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Diesel engines are used in many industrial applications due to many factors, including their efficiency and longer life. But these advantages come at an environmental cost that also causes respiratory illness in local populations. To protect its citizens, federal and local governments require diesel engines to meet specific standards to operate within their borders.

Rypos ADPFs remove up to 95% of the black carbon soot emitted from diesel engines, allowing most older engines to achieve compliance and extending their useful life.

Reliable and sustainable

Rypos ADPFs support mission-critical applications

Rypos ADPFs immediately reduce harmful diesel particulate matter (DPM) emissions up to 95%, protecting the health and environment of employees and the local community. This cost-effective solution is particularly beneficial to mission-critical operations, such as the diesel genset standby power industry.

Key ADPF stats

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metric tons of PM removed

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cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits produced

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metric tons of PM removed annually

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cumulative metric tons of CO2e credits produced annually


Suitable for a variety of diesel genset applications, the ADPF series’ advanced technology enables it to maintain low back pressure on the engine, regardless of exhaust temperature. This frees facilities from concerns over after-treatment devices damaging the emergency power system, allows full flexibility in how they choose to operate, and helps them comply with increasingly stringent regulations. The flexible and reliable configurations allow for straightforward upgrades and retrofits to existing engines or diesel genset applications.

Key features

  • 1 MW and above diesel gensets
  • Tier IV configurations with SCR available
  • Proven technology
  • Provides critical- or hospital-grade sound attenuation



“We love the Rypos guys. They are our go-to if we can influence specification or have a choice. We prefer using active filters, and our go-to is Rypos.”

Don Davis

Sales Manager, Quinn Power

"There are other companies that we’ve looked at, but Rypos offers more benefits... a few other companies do basic filtering, but Rypos does more and is more advanced.”

Chris Alexopoulos

Project Manager, Milton Cat Power Systems

“Rypos’ product has always been ahead of everyone else. After using it for years, it’s still very stable and actually saved us money in the long run.”

Jeffery Mellow

Emergency Power Generation Specialist, Stanford University

Benefits and


Active regeneration

Self-cleaning, independent of exhaust temperature

Maximum efficiency

Operates online without need for engine shutdown, with ≤ 1% fuel penalty

CARB 3+ verified & Tier IV Final EPA compliant

A complete CARB Level 3+ compliant solution capable of achieving up to 95% reductions in NOx by integrating a selective catalytic reduction system

Scalable & flexible configurations

Various design and placement options can meet increasing power requirements and unique settings

Intelligent controls

Controlled regeneration and system monitoring with Rypos advanced technology

Low total cost of ownership

Reduces fuel costs and eliminates the need to purchase or rent additional heating sources over the life of the filter

Engineering support

Detailed specifications and documentation provided to cover all requirements

Unrivaled service

Installation support, final commissioning, and service packages help ensure optimal performance and extended regulatory compliance



Power generation

Data centers

Educational institutes


Military & government

Industrial process


Commercial buildings

Food & beverage






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