California Air Resources Board

California Air Resources Board

 California Air Resources Board


Doing some research on diesel fuel and filters? One thing you should know about is the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The CARB’s goal is to protect the public from the harmful effects brought by air pollution. In an effort to reduce the exposure to harmful air pollutants, they have developed programs and regulations for clean cars and fuels.


Though progress has been made, there is still a considerably long way to go as many people still breathe unhealthy air in the state of California. The asthma rates in children are above the national average. Throughout the next 50 years, the California Air Resources Board still plans to build a legacy of a strong environment so that the people of California will breathe clean air.


Their role is to set high quality air standards to protect those that run the greatest risk. This includes but is not limited to children and adults with lung and heart disease. They have focused on identifying the pollutants that have the greatest consequences like those of diesel exhaust particles and measuring their progress. How do they measure? By using the country’s most extensive air monitoring network available.


Probably one of the most notable things that CARB does is verify that automakers’ emissions are in compliance. Through science and technology, they are able to also research causes and reactions when it comes to air pollution.


This board of 16 members, along with a diverse group of professionals who support their work, are helping build the path for clean air. They are setting the standard not only for the nation but the world as well.


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