Active Diesel Particulate Filters

About Diesel Fuel and Engines

Diesel fuel is known for its thick consistency and for being used in diesel engines. These diesel engines are typically found in larger vehicles such as trucks and boats. This dense fuel requires more compression and time to burn than standard gasoline due to its thick consistency, which is why it is perfect for these larger vehicles traveling at long distances.


Active DPFs

Active Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) filter or trap soot particles produced in a diesel exhaust. To perform at optimal level, these filters need to be cleaned in a process called regeneration. In this process, the soot is burned at a high temperature until only ashes are left.

Active Diesel Particulate Filters

Used in:

Commercial Trucks


Active Regeneration and Maintenance

If you use or own a diesel vehicle, you should know what goes into maintaining it.


Reasons for blockage in the filter include the quality of the fuel being used, style of driving, soot, and the location of the active diesel particulate filter.


One thing to keep in mind is that the regeneration process can fail to go through a full cycle within a short journey. The soot can end up blocking the filter in which case, an expert would be needed to repair it.

About Rypos Inc.

Rypos’ innovating technology contributes to the future of clean air using emissions’ reduction solutions developed on patented electrically self-regenerating filters.

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