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At Rypos, we’re more than just a manufacturer — we’re also a technology company. Founded in 1997 by a distinguished group of scientists and entrepreneurs, we’ve worked hard to keep our place at the forefront of the emissions control industry for 25+ years. We continually innovate, developing solutions and adapting our unique self-cleaning particulate filters to meet the needs of specific applications and eliminate up to 95% of black carbon typically released by diesel engines into the local environment.

Rypos’ contribution to emission reduction:


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Unrivaled reliability

We believe that companies committed to sustainability need and deserve reliable, long-term, trouble-free operation. Rypos’ proven technology has been working reliably for decades in mission-critical applications.

Dependable support

Our experienced, committed customer service team offers superior responsiveness and around-the-clock phone support. You can count on the Rypos team for everything from up-front education and training to extensive after-market support.

Mission, vision & values

What drives us

To partner with businesses to immediately combat climate change through the application of reliable, intelligent emission control solutions.

To advance the future of clean air through our people, our innovative technology, and our commitment to sustainability.

Protect the environment: We are committed to sustainability and protecting our environment.

Continuously innovate: We champion a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Embrace ethical practices: We are honest, transparent, and dedicated to doing what’s best for our customers and our company.

Act responsibly and equitably: We make responsible decisions based on just principles.

Support each other and our community: We achieve more when we work together and support our community.

Hold ourselves accountable: We empower each other to take ownership of our actions.

Key milestones

Our history

At Rypos, we’ve been pioneers in the emissions control industry for over 25 years. Our combined experience as engineers and entrepreneurs gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to emphasize technological innovation while keeping a nimble approach to solving the most difficult emissions issues.

Founders Klaus Peter and Dr. Osama Ibrahim form Rypos Corporation. Work immediately begins to create a self-cleaning diesel particulate filter based on sintered metal fiber.

Patent 6572582 02, a “self-cleaning filter system using direct electrically heated sintered metal fiber filter media” publishes along with a separate patent for the cartridge.

The California Air Resources Board [CARB] certifies that Rypos filters lowers engine emission PM by 50%.

Just over a year after level 2 verification, Rypos develops a filter with three-layer media and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst verified for 85% PM reduction and minimal NO2 increase.

Rypos demonstrates the Active Diesel Particulate Filter could operate on a Marine application and receives level 2+ verification from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The LETRU (low emission TRU) is the first DPF offered that is built to operate on Truck Refrigeration Units (TRUs). Its newer, smaller cartridge and smaller ECU reduces PM by 50%.

This is most important change order in the history of the company. Alongside the larger board, development is done on a larger cartridge made for 100vdc that can handle 50% more flow than the existing large filter.


The ADPF Series adapts the technology for larger engines up to 3,000 kw. The system adds higher voltage, larger cartridges, a new board, a new type of flat housing, a new modular design, and can be enhanced to handle higher soot loads. While the first model uses 6 modules, later versions can use up to 10.

A new, more efficient TRU cartridge (Ultra LETRU) gains CARB Level 3+ verification.

The ULETRU proves to be a very popular model and is still a key Rypos product offering.

The genset product line is adapted for RTGs used in shipping ports. RTG level 3+ is achieved by optimizing the parameters in the software to allow for existing units to be upgraded seamlessly.

This combined operations that were split into two facilities in Holliston and moves everyone under one roof with room to grow.

o Rypos celebrates 20 years in business.
o Rypos makes its 75,000th cartridge.
o The 200th ADPF ships after just 6 years of production.

A second filter production line is established at Mack Molding with a marine emission reduction barge with Rypos RH-DPFs launched from Long Beach, CA.

A clip-on generator set product verifies for the container transport market, and a launch order from Maersk, the leading global container shipping company, begins shipping.

Rypos field joint DPF/SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) Tier IV product with Miratech launches to meet NOx reduction requirements.

Rypos launches marine market products targeting coastal and harbor craft.

Rypos celebrates 25 years of emission reduction success.

Rypos excellence recognized

Awards and achievements

2016 MASSMEP Award

We received the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership Award for excellence in incorporating green and sustainable practices into our manufacturing process.

2017 CEO of the Year

The Raffoni Group recognized Rypos CEO Peter Bransfield for his outstanding work in growing the company, capitalizing on its assets to make it a successful commercial enterprise.

2022 Climate Change Solution Provider

Rypos was recognized by Applied Technology Review as a Top 10 Climate Change Solution Provider.

Rypos leadership

Meet the team

The Rypos leadership team uses its decades of experience to find the most efficient, cost-effective solutions to the problems facing our customers every day. Our executives have deep knowledge of our customers’ applications, allowing them to respond nimbly to whatever new challenges come their way.

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