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Verified Diesel Emission Control Provider

Rypos is a leading Active Diesel Particulate Filter technology provider innovating the future of clean air through intelligent emissions’ reduction solutions built on the company’s patented electrically self-regenerating filters and proprietary catalytic technologies. We uniquely address requirements for particulate filtration within a single modular system designed to permit reliable and unrestricted use of any mobile or stationary diesel engine

Rypos Clean Air Technology


Founded in 1996 by a distinguished group of scientists and entrepreneurs, Rypos has spent the past several years developing, testing, and preparing to market on a full-scale basis its advances in diesel particulate filter technology. Rypos has pioneered the creation of proprietary control circuitry and has received multiple U.S. patents issued with an additional patent pending, for their proprietary offering -protecting the system design and the unique filter cartridge design.


Rypos has led the way in research and innovation to create the most advanced filter designs in the marketplace and is now full-scale manufacture for valued OEM and aftermarket customers.


Rypos is the only provider of intelligent particulate filter systems designed to regenerate under any engine load condition or exhaust temperature.  Achieved using a closed-loop electrically controlled filtration system, the unique benefits of this type of regeneration is maximum reliability through constant predictive regeneration.  Rypos filters do not need to either take the engine or filter offline, overdrive the system, or infuse added fuel to reach regeneration temperatures required by other systems.  Such maximum uptime performance and reliability deliver the safest and lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the diesel equipment.


The modular construction of Rypos systems deliver cost-effective incremental capacity and adapt to any installation configuration making Rypos the most scalable and flexible diesel particulate filter available on the market.

Rypos CEO Peter Bransfield awarded 2017 CEO of the Year by Raffoni Group

Peter Bransfield CEO Of The Year

In 2007 Bransfield took on the task of commercializing Rypos. The company was about seven years old then and had been developing new filtration technology for diesel engine exhaust.

Nominated by Representative Carolyn Dykema

Rypos Wins Sustainablility Award
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In developing products to facilitate compliance with the highest possible emission standards here in Massachusetts and across the country, Rypos practices responsible corporate citizenship and promotes simple but effective sustainability solutions.


Rypos represents the best of Massachusetts manufacturing as it uses tech innovation to help protect our environment, local production to create high-quality jobs, and partnerships with the community to innovate creative solutions.



Peter Bransfield

Peter Bransfield


Jim Ernstmeyer Corporate Counsel, CTO

Jim Ernstmeyer

Corporate Counsel, CTO

(774) 233-1017

Jim Brown Director of Manufacturing 

Jim Brown

Director of Manufacturing 

Amin Saeid Filter Development Manager

Amin Saeid

Filter Development Manager


Paul Anderson Rypos Photo.jpg

Paul Anderson

President / General Manager

(508) 429- 4552

Tom Babineau Government Relations

Tom Babineau

Government Relations

(406) 370-3977

Stephen Williams Director of Supply Chain

Stephen Williams

Director of Supply Chain

Una Crowley VP Finance

Una Crowley

VP Finance

(508) 429-4552

Gerry Maynard Director of Engineering

Gerry Maynard

Director of Engineering

Robert - Rypos.png

Robert Montero

West Coast Business Manager

Bill Collins VP Sales and Marketing

Bill Collins

VP Sales & Marketing

(508) 429-4552

Peter Guzman Director of Customer Service

Peter Guzman

Director of Customer Service

Peter Ellison TRU Sales

Peter Ellison

TRU Sales

(949) 395.4190


Stephen Watson Chairman of the Board 

Stephen Watson

Chairman of the Board 

Steve Watson is a private investor and founding member of Walnut Venture Associates, concentrating investments in early-stage information technology companies in the New England area

Murray Beach Board Member

Murray Beach

Board Member

Murray Beach  served as  President of Boston Corporate Finance, providing advisory serves for merger and acquisition and capital raising.



Mark Kryder Board Member

Mark Kryder

Board Member

Mark H. Kryder is University Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and previously Senior VP of Research and CTO at Seagate Technology.

Daniel Corcoran Board Member\

Daniel Corcoran

Board Member

Dan Corcoran is a Managing Director at MCRC, providing mezzanine and equity capital to Massachusetts-based manufacturers, distributors, healthcare, technology, and services industries.